There’s a Devil Loose: Gangster-Wannabe Boyfriend in Houston House of Horrors ‘Regularly Visited the Roach and Fly-infested Apartment to Beat Up the Three Children’: He ‘Killed One, Broke Another’s Jaw and Left One Gripped by Absolute Fear’ – While Their Mother Turned a Blind Eye

A litany of shocking new details emerged during a Houston mother’s court appearance on Wednesday in connection with the murder of her eight-year-old son, including stomach-turning statements from her surviving children who described witnessing their brother’s savage beating and seeing his decomposing body.

Gloria Williams, 35, the victim’s mother, has been charged with injury to a child by omission and tampering with evidence – a human corpse. A judge set her bond at $900,000.

Her boyfriend, Brian Coulter, 31, is charged with felony murder in connection with the death of the eight-year-old child, identified in court documents obtained by as Kendrick Lee. His bond was set at $1million.

Coulter was not present in court on Wednesday because he was undergoing a mental health evaluation.

The pair were arrested on Tuesday at a public library, where they were said to have been looking up news stories online about their own case.

During Williams’ court appearance, which was aired by KTRK, a prosecutor read aloud a statement of probable cause, which revealed that three of the mother’s surviving children witnessed Coulter beating Kendrick around Thanksgiving Day 2020.

Gloria Williams, 35, a mom-of-six, appeared in Houston court on Wednesday and was ordered held on $900,000 bond

Kendrick Lee, the 8-year-old boy whose body was found decomposing next to his siblings, is pictured for the first time. Kendrick is seen with his surviving siblings

The children claimed Coulter struck the eight-year-old with closed fists and kicked him in his face, feet, back, testicles and buttocks.

Williams’ 7-year-old son told deputies Coulter continued kicking Kendrick, who was lying on the floor and not moving, while staring at the younger brother who was in the room.

After Kendrick’s eyes turned black and he stopped blinking, Coulter covered him with a blue blanket, the prosecutor stated.

When Williams entered the bedroom to check on her son and saw that he was dead, she began crying and fighting with Coulter.

Her 15-year-old son told investigators he believed his mother would call the police on Coulter, but ‘she never did.’ She then moved out of the apartment, leaving her surviving children with their brother’s rotting corpse and without any adult supervision.

William’s 10-year-old son told investigators that when Williams came by the apartment at a later date and lifted the blanket off of Kendrick, she found that ‘his body, feet and teeth had turned into a skeleton,’ and that ‘his hair was off.’ His decomposing corpse was said to have been covered with cockroaches.

The 10-year-old also claimed that Coulter would beat him as well, hitting him on the face, stomach, buttocks and legs, and broke his jaw three weeks ago.

When police arrived at the apartment on Sunday, they found the child with a swollen jaw. At the hospital the following day, the boy said that his mother ‘was aware of the injury but did not seek or obtain medical aid for him,’ the prosecutor said.

Authorities said that the 10-year-old will require surgery to treat his facial fracture.

When questioned by detectives, Williams claimed that when she entered the bedroom around Thanksgiving 2020 and found Coulter beating her son Kendrick, she stopped the attack.

After discovering the next day that Kendrick had died, Williams claimed that she confronted her boyfriend, who ‘stated he was sorry, that he lost it and punched him, and continued punching him until he went to sleep.’

Williams allegedly told investigators that she knew her son was dead a year ago, but she did not go to the police because Coulter had told her not to, and also because she was afraid that her children would be taken away and she would go to jail.’

During a press conference held by Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez on Wednesday morning, investigators said that Williams’ the younger children had been subjected to ‘consistent’ beatings at Coulter’s hands and were never allowed out of the apartment.

‘This is a textbook case of a person that abuses children,’ said Harris County Sgt Dennis Wolfford.

Wolfford, who heads the sheriff’s homicide unit, also had some harsh words for Williams, calling her ‘an abuser by omission.’

The sergeant said that there is no evidence that the mom-of-six was a victim of domestic violence herself, and that she had a year to report her son Kendrick’s murder and her other children’s abuse, but she chose not to do it.

Sheriff Gonzalez said that at least two of the three brothers, ages 15, 10 and 7, are on the autistic spectrum. All three children told responding officers that they were hungry and requested donuts.

‘They were very sweet children, very nice, very well-spoken,’ Wolfford said, noting, however, that they had ‘blankness in the eyes.’

He added: ‘it was very sad. They are good kids.’

Gonzalez and his investigators offered some further disturbing details on what they found inside the family’s apartment, revealing that all that was left of Kendrick Lee’s body was a ‘dry’ skeleton, which was out in the open, and that the unit had no furniture or bedding, featured a spoiled rug and was swarming with flies and cockroaches.

According to the sheriff, Kendrick and his three surviving brothers were fathered by two different men, one of whom has died.

The apartment they were sharing was being paid for using government assistance while Williams and Coulter lived about 6 miles away. The sheriff said the mother would routinely stop by to drop off ‘junk food’ for her children.

‘They were distancing themselves from their child,’ Wolfford said of the couple. ‘They know the entire time there is a dead body inside that apartment.’

Williams and Coulter were initially picked up by deputies on Sunday. They were questioned and released, leaving many people to wonder why they had been let go.

On Wednesday, Sheriff Gonzalez and Sgt Wolfford explained that they did not have sufficient evidence to arrest them in the immediate aftermath of the gruesome discovery.

Williams’ 15-year-old son, who had been caring for his two younger brothers with the help of a neighbor who brought them food and charged their cell phone when the electricity to their home was cut, called 911, prompting the welfare check on Sunday.

Sheriff Gonzalez commanded the teen for finally seeking help, despite being gripped by ‘absolute fear’ for many months.

Linda Smith, the grandmother of one of Williams’ children, told in an interview on Wednesday that had she known what was going on, she would have adopted her grandson, Ja’Veon Kirklin, 7, along with his brothers, Jordan Lee, 15, and Trevon Lee, 10. Williams’ daughter, 17-year-old Jasmine Whitaker, and another child were not living with the family.

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Source: Daily Mail