Storms Dump 42 Inches of Snow on Mount Rose Ski Resort in Nevada

Putting out Halloween decorations, buying candy and carving pumpkins are the usual tasks of late October, but that all looks different this year under the hefty dump of early-season snow in the western United States from the parade of storms that marched across the region from late last week into early this week.

The intense rain and dangerous flooding in burn scar areas of California have been devastating, and the snow-covered landscapes of high-elevation areas have been just as eye-popping and turned navigating roadways there into an “absolute nightmare” for a while.

AccuWeather’s Bill Wadell reported that experts told him last week that the Sierra Nevada needed a good snowpack this winter to help the West get out of the long-lasting drought.

“Well, talk about a good start to the season,” Wadell observed while reporting from Truckee, California, a small town in the northern part of the state about 30 miles across the Nevada border from Reno.

Across the California-Nevada border, the popular Mount Rose ski resort in Reno recorded a whopping 42 inches of snow. Throughout the region, multiple other ski areas also received multiple feet of snow, while many others dealt with more than an inch of rain.

Such heavy precipitation isn’t just atypical for October, it was, in many cases, record-breaking.

Along with being a potential first step in the drought-busting process, the heavy snow will also prove valuable to ski resorts.

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SOURCE: AccuWeather, Mark Puleo