Here We Go: Book Portraying Pedophilia Found in Public School Libraries After 2 Organizations Say It’s Essential for Kids

A book depicting pornography between same-sex couples is popping up in public school libraries across the country after two national school library organizations have deemed it necessary reading material for children.

According to The Western Journal, Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe has been spotted in school libraries in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and Rhode Island.

The book reportedly contains animated images of minors performing pornographic, sexual acts.

The School Library Journal is the first notable organization promoting the book and describes itself as a “premiere publication for librarians and information specialists who work with children and teens.”

“It’s also a great resource for those who identify as nonbinary or asexual as well as those who know someone who identifies that way and wish to better understand,” the organization’s review reads.

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Source: CBN