European Nation Unapologetic About Protecting Borders, Christian Culture

As the U.S. struggles daily with illegal immigration along the southern border, one European nation is unapologetic about its efforts to protect its culture from migration despite intense global criticism.

The “Wall”

It’s often referred to as a wall, but it’s really a fence fortified with barbed wire, a system that alerts border patrol when it’s touched, and an electric shock deterrent.

There’s also a message broadcast in seven languages that urges people to stay away from the fence and apply to enter the country legally. “Approaching the border fence or touching it can cause injury or pain…I urge you to refrain from committing the crime,” the message says.

The fence went up six years ago when hundreds of thousands of migrants from Syria and other countries stormed through the country on their way to Germany.

Border police say it’s still mostly men trying to cross the border who often approach the fence in military formations. Today, hundreds of migrants attempt to cross every day which is a big number for a country about the size of Indiana. Now officials are bracing for another wave from Afghanistan.

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Source: CBN