It Is Reported That Prince Charles, the Heir to the British Throne, is Considering Abdicating – As Daniel Whyte III Has Said Several Times Before, Prince Charles Should Abdicate the Throne Immediately Because His Becoming King Would Cause a Constitutional Crisis due to the fact that Prince Charles Is an Adulterer, His Wife Camilla Is an Adulteress, and They Are Both Divorced and remarried and Living in Adultery

Prince Charles’ most recent scandal has allegedly made the heir to the British throne consider abdicating. Queen Elizabeth is reportedly meddling with her younger son, Prince Andrew’s, Scotland Yard police investigation, one tabloid claimed.

With so many scandals dominating the tabloids, there’s not a member of the royal family who isn’t feeling the heat in some way or another. Of course, some are a lot closer to the fire than others.

Prince Charles Being Forced To Step Down Over Scandal, Abdicating Throne?

Prince Charles has recently found himself embroiled in controversy after a report revealed that a top aide of his had been involved in an alleged cash-for-honors scheme. A number of tabloids have claimed that the scandal has driven a wedge between Charles and his regal mother, and there have even been murmurs that the heir to the throne may abdicate as a result.

Following a donations-for-titles scandal, several outlets claimed Prince Charles would never be the next king, whether it be his choice or Queen Elizabeth’s. Last month, The Sunday Times accused Prince Charles and longtime aide Michael Fawcett of using their positions to give people royal honors in exchange for massive donations to Prince Charles’ foundations. Today, Gossip Cop is looking at all the latest rumors following the scandal.

Queen Elizabeth Kicking Prince Charles Out Of The Royal Family?
Shortly after news of the scandal broke, the National Enquirer claimed it was the last straw for Queen Elizabeth.

According to the outlet, Prince Charles’ controversy was so extreme that she would make Prince William the next king instead. “This money-for-honors atrocity is the last straw for her majesty,” one royal insider said.

“The future of the monarchy is at stake! Only William and his devoted wife, Kate, can cement the queen’s legacy — and give the royals a modern takeover!”

the same source dished. The tabloid described Prince Charles as “money-hungry,” making him vulnerable to another scandal if he became king.

Prince Charles’ Aid, Michael Fawcett, Planning To Take Down The Royals?
Shortly after its claim that Prince Charles would never be king, the National Enquirer alleged Michael Fawcett planned to take down the royal family.

Despite being involved in multiple scandals, insiders noted Prince Charles always kept Fawcett by his side. “Charles has been told many times to drop him but can never bring himself to do it!”

Several people close to Prince Charles wondered why he couldn’t simply drop Fawcett from his staff. Some speculated Fawcett knew too much about the royal family and was liable to spill their secrets.

“Michael knows almost everything about the royal family. He is closer to Prince Charles than anyone else,” an insider said.

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