Wow: Axios Says News Outlets Are Increasingly Willing to Work Together on Big, Multifaceted Stories — Including This Week’s Reporting on Leaked Documents From a Facebook Whistleblower

News outlets are increasingly willing to work together on big, multifaceted stories — including this week’s reporting on leaked documents from a Facebook whistleblower.

Why it matters: Collaborative efforts help bring more resources to bear on complex stories, some of which require a global reporting effort. But they require high degrees of coordination, and competition can sometimes get in the way.

Driving the news: The “Facebook Consortium,” a name given to a group of roughly two dozen news outlets that agreed to hold stories based on leaked materials from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, made its big editorial debut Monday.

Without a formalized body to coordinate stories across various outlets, readers were left to sift through dozens of headlines at once, many with similar takeaways.
Unlike more established news collaboratives, the group was formed quickly and had to set its own publishing terms, which were hard to manage in real time.

Parts of the group’s embargo fell apart Friday night, and some participating newsrooms posted a batch of articles ahead of the weekend.
A public relations firm representing Haugen sent the materials to the group of outlets on October 10th, Axios reported. The group collectively decided when to publish their findings and when to go to Facebook for comment. The group used a shared Slack channel to communicate.

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Source: Axios