WATCH: Tye & Shanté Tribbett Share Their Marriage Restoration Testimony on TBN’s “Praise” with Matt and Laurie Crouch

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In January 2014, GRAMMY® Award-winning gospel composer Tye Tribbett seemed to be on top of the world after earning his first two Grammys on his 38th birthday.

But, behind the scenes, instead of celebrating the exciting win, the world-renowned songwriter and Christian entertainer was apologizing for failing his wife Shanté Tribbett and working hard to cling to a marriage that was falling apart.

“I was in such a desperate and aggressive pursuit of worldly success,” confessed the 45-year-old pastor of LiVe Church Orlando in an interview on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s flagship program, Praise.

Tribbett said chasing after carnal success “caused such negligence” in his relationship and ultimately tore it up.

But the night of his triumph at the Grammys, the “Same God” singer had an epiphany.

“I sat there with the Grammys, and I’m like, I opened the bottom, and there wasn’t a check in there. It wasn’t anything that could add to my health in the Grammys, or to add any value to my family, or anything,” he explained.

“With the Grammys in my hand, I apologized to my wife. The night I got it, I said, ‘I’m so sorry that I went so hard for these’”—a mistake the charismatic preacher said God “rebuked” him over.

Though Tribbett’s ruthless ambition contributed to the temporary demise of his God-ordained union, that wasn’t the only problem. Extramarital affairs of both spouses that were publicized in 2009 also added to the strain.

To help Tribbett get back on track, he told TBN hosts Matt and Laurie Crouch, “God said, ‘I know the plans I have for you. Pursue My successful thoughts towards you.’”

Even with divine guidance and Tribbett’s renewed focus on what mattered most, according to him, his marriage was past saving. His wife told him, “It’s over,” leaving him distraught and “suicidal.”

For a season, the two went their separate ways before eventually reconciling and becoming stronger than ever.

To learn more about their restoration process, press play on the video below to see Tribbett talk about what led to his now healthy union.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine – Rebecca Johnson