Teddy and Tina Campbell Discuss Rekindling Their Marriage Through Faith, Prayer, and Music, and Releasing New Song “Marry Me”

Erica Campbell is still reveling in the success as one half of the highly-popular gospel duo Mary Mary, and she shares that glory with her younger sister Tina Campbell.

It made for a glorious moment when the two sisters were reunited on the air this morning for an exclusive Get Up! interview, with Tina being accompanied by husband and music partner Teddy Campbell.

Although the loving couple was all smiles and laughter during their chat with Erica and GRIFF, they admit themselves that it wasn’t always that way and almost chose to end their relationship at one point. However, through faith, prayer and the magic of music, Teddy & Tina were able to push past their problems and get to a new place in their union that’s better than ever.

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SOURCE: Black America Web, Keenan Higgins