NASA Set to Launch Uncrewed Artemis 1 Mission to the Moon in February 2022

NASA announced it is aiming to launch its uncrewed flight to the moon in February 2022.

The Artemis 1 mission was originally scheduled to launch in November, but delays caused by the pandemic and Hurricane Ida have led to the postponement.

The US space agency said on Friday it completed stacking the Orion crew capsule atop its Space Launch System rocket, which now stands at 322 feet tall inside the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Insider’s Morgan McFall-Johnsen reported the moon rocket is taller than the Statue of Liberty. The system has to be that large to produce enough thrust to push its Orion spaceship all the way around the moon — 1,000 times farther than the International Space Station.

“It’s hard to put into words what this milestone means, not only to us here at Exploration Ground Systems, but to all the incredibly talented people who have worked so hard to help us get to this point,” said Mike Bolger, Exploration Ground Systems program manager.

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SOURCE: Business Insider, Zahra Tayeb