UK Supermarkets Use CARDBOARD CUTOUTS of Food to Fill Empty Shelves Amid Supply Crisis

Supermarkets using cardboard cutouts of fruit and vegetables to mask food shortages were ridiculed online by social media users today.

Customers at stores including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Boots poked fun at the shops with photos of fake food in the place of empty shelves.

Issues in supply chains have hit many retailers, from toy shops and petrol stations to food shops.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Mmmm, delicious photos of asparagus,’ while another commented on an enlarged picture of the vegetable piled up, ‘I love that asparagus grows to this size in the UK. It’s our climate, I’m sure.’

Tesco used photos of asparagus, oranges, carrots and grapes printed on cardboard panels instead of offering its customers the real thing.

Meanwhile, Boots at Croydon Whitgift Centre used empty triangular cardboard boxes to bolster their sandwich shelves.

Shoppers saw cardboard asparagus in London, pictures of oranges and grapes in Milton Keynes, fake carrots in Fakenham, and 2D bottles of washing liquid bottles in Cambridge.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Chris Matthews