UK coronavirus plague hospitalisations hit 1,000 for first time in six weeks, deaths rise by 25% and cases jump 10% but SAGE insists NHS WILL cope and admissions are ‘unlikely’ to reach January peak even WITHOUT Plan B as Boris says another lockdown ‘isn’t on cards’

Britain’s daily Covid hospitalisations today breached 1,000 for the first time in six weeks but SAGE scientists insisted it was ‘highly unlikely’ that the NHS would be overwhelmed by the virus this winter even without restrictions in advice that justifies No10’s bold decision to reject immediately resorting to ‘Plan B’.

Department of Health bosses also posted another 49,298 infections as cases jumped a tenth in a week, and deaths rose by a quarter to 180.

But Boris Johnson echoed the optimism of his advisers during a trip to a vaccine clinic today, adding that the current numbers were ‘fully in line’ with what was expected.

He admitted working from home and light measures were being ‘kept under constant review’ but ruled out another lockdown. ‘We see absolutely nothing to indicate that that is on the cards at all,’ the Prime Minister added.

Modelling by SAGE for England predicted that the combination of vaccine-acquired immunity and natural protection would be enough to keep hospital rates below levels seen during the second wave.

Even in the most gloomy central scenarios, the group estimated that daily Covid hospital admissions would not rise above 1,500 this winter. More optimistic models had them peaking at below 1,000, but suggested they could peak next spring. Daily numbers published by the Government include all four UK nations.

The Prime Minister has again urged people to come forward for their coronavirus booster jabs.

In a video posted on Twitter, Boris Johnson said: ‘I wanted to just emphasise how important it is to come forward and get your booster jab against Covid, if and when you get the call.

‘It’s true, of course, that almost every adult in this country is already double jabbed and it’s because of the shield we’ve built together that we’ve been able to resume our lives.

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Source: Daily Mail