Tragic: Young Illinois Mother Is Killed by Stray Bullet While Reading the Bible to Her Seven-month-old Daughter Before Bed

A young mother-of-two from suburban Chicago was reading the Bible to her baby daughter at bedtime when she was killed by a stray bullet that flew into the house and struck the woman in the head.

The incident took place last Saturday at 9pm in the 2800 block of Enoch Avenue in Zion, Illinois, which is located about 50 miles northeast of Chicago.

Lam Calderon said her daughter, 23-year-old Melanie Yates, and her husband, Daniel, were separately getting their daughters ready for bed when a loud bang went off near their home.

Calderon said her son-in-law called out to Yates, asking her whether she heard what to him sounded like loud fireworks, but she did not respond.

‘He looked for her, where she was at in the house, and he found her shot in the head,’ the victim’s mother told ABC 7 Chicago.

Paramedics were called to the scene and took Yates to the hospital.

Meanwhile, her husband took their two children to Yates’ parents and explained what had happened.

‘He came in and he told me that our daughter had been shot and we didn’t believe him. It was just unfathomable,’ Calderon recounted.

Yates was pronounced dead of her injuries at Vista East Hospital at 10am on Monday after being taken off life support, reported WGNTV.

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Source: Daily Mail