Supply chain issues causing prescription drug shortages

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – Dozens of life-saving drugs are in short supply.

The American Medical Association is calling it an urgent public health crisis. Supply chain issues are to blame.

The Food and Drug Administration says 115 drugs are in short supply nationally. One of those drugs is needed by both chemotherapy and COVID-19 patients.

Some doctors say they’ve had to ration care based on what drug is available.

Pharmacists across the Charlotte metro said they are seeing similar shortages and they’ve been dealing with this for some time.

WBTV made calls to pharmacists in South End, Rock Hill and Lincolnton to get a really clear picture of the entire area.

The pharmacists said hundreds of medicines could be on backorder at any time.

It’s something they’ve seen for at least a year now. They’re running out of popular drugs like Adderall, insulin and oxycodone, drugs some people take every day.

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Source: WBTV