Glory Be to God! Across Africa, Major Churches Strongly Oppose the Abomination of Homosexuality and So-called “LGBT Rights.” For Example, in Ghana, Leaders of Major Churches Have United in Denouncing Homosexuality as a Perversion and Endorsing Legislation That Would, if Enacted, Impose Some of the Harshest Anti-Homosexual Policies in Africa. In Nigeria, the Umbrella Body for Christian Churches Depicts Same-Sex Relationships as an Evil Meriting the Lengthy Prison Sentences Prescribed Under Existing Law – Daniel Whyte III Says Ghana, Here I Come. Daniel Whyte III Has Preached in Ghana Before and Is Planning on Leaving Sodom and Gomorrah as Lot Did and Continue to Preach From There Because He Believes That God Is Going to Destroy America for Enshrining in Law and for Embracing the Demonic Abomination of Homosexuality. And Sad to Say, White and Black Evangelical Pastors and Churches Are to Blame and They Know It and They Know Why America Is Under Such Terrible Judgment of God Like We Have Never Seen in Over 200 Years of Our Existence as a Country.