Local Ministries Engage in the Tearful Struggle to Heal Battered Burma

Image courtesy of Christian Aid Mission.

With a third wave of COVID-19 hitting Burma (Myanmar) amid ongoing violence from a coup in February, local missionaries are shining Christ’s light with tears and heartache.

“We work, we run with tears,” the leader of a local ministry said. “This morning I received a telephone call – the wife of one of our worker’s cried out, ‘My husband is struggling for breath. We need oxygen.’ I called one of our drivers and told him to go as soon as possible for a two-hour drive.”

Though the military that took over the country on Feb. 1 frequently stops vehicles and confiscates oxygen tanks and medicines, local missionaries undertake drives of eight to 10 hours to provide the life-saving medical equipment and food aid, he said.

“Because of your financial assistance, we were able to buy five oxygen concentrators, 22 oxygen cylinder tanks, PPE, medicine, food and so on,” the leader wrote to Christian Aid Mission. “Without your financial help, we can do nothing for this rescue work. We have helped 58 families. Out of those families, just four persons died, the rest have been rescued. Hallelujah.”

“Physically and mentally, we were tired. Loved ones died; some were killed by guns and bombs.”

The rescues are precious at a time when pervasive death darkens workers’ days. The leader said his ministry has lost 134 pastors and other workers, including his younger brother, to the pandemic or to coup-related violence.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for protection and provision for indigenous missionaries who work in regions hostile to their faith; ask God to open doors for them and grant them wisdom.
  • Pray that witnesses for Christ would be soon established among every one of the people groups in Myanmar.
  • Pray that peace would reign in this country that has been so plagued by conflict.