Jewish Toddler on Life Support Dies in UK After Government Denies Allowing Her to Travel to Israel for Medical Treatment

Two-year-old Alta Fixler died Monday when her life support was turned off following an intense legal battle between the toddler’s parents and the National Health Service.

Alta passed away despite her parents’ request that she be flown from Manchester to Israel for further treatment, The Jerusalem Post reported. According to the outlet, the little girl was born with “severe brain damage” and had been on life support since birth.

The parents, who are Hasidic Jews, fought fiercely to keep Alta on life support, arguing any cessation of life goes against the tenets of their faith. The courts, though, sided with the government’s socialized health care provider. Against her parents’ wishes, the U.K. High Court decided removing little Alta’s life support was in her “best interests” because she had “no prospect of recovery.”

Furthermore, the court rejected an appeal from the parents to transfer their daughter to Israel for care.

In May, Justice Alistair MacDonald said sending the little girl to Israel would “expose Alta to further pain and discomfort during the course of transfer for no medical benefit in circumstances where all parties accept that the treatment options now available for Alta provide no prospect of recovery,” according to The Times of Israel.

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SOURCE: CBN News; Faithwire, Tré Goins-Phillips