China ‘Has Tested Two Hypersonic Orbital Nukes Capable of Breaching Missile Defenses’ as Panicked Analysts Say It ‘Defies the Laws of Physics’ and Is Unlike Any Weapon America Has

China carried out a second test of what is believed to be a hypersonic orbital missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead earlier this year, intelligence sources have claimed.

The new test is believed to have taken place on August 13 and involved a similar ‘hypersonic glide vehicle’ to one launched into space on board a Long March rocket back in July, which was first reported earlier this week.

Beijing has acknowledged one of the tests, claiming it launched a ‘peaceful’ civilian spacecraft. But analysts believe the craft can actually be tipped with a nuclear warhead which would be able to evade missile defences.

Even government scientists are struggling to work out exactly what the new craft is capable of, with one source telling the Financial Times that it appears to ‘defy the laws of physics’ and is unlike any technology the US has.

The White House has refused to comment, while the US Department of Defense has refused to confirm or deny the existence of any hypersonic weapons tests.

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Source: Daily Mail