Does the Bible Say that Guardian Angels Are Real?

It’s not wise to think about the reality of guardian angels without considering who angels are biblically. Images and descriptions of angels in the media, art and literature often give us a distorted view of these magnificent creatures.

Angels are sometimes portrayed as cute, plump, non-threatening cherubs. In many paintings, they look like feminine creatures in white robes. Increasingly in art, however, angels are portrayed as strong, masculine warriors.

Many people are angel-crazy. Some even pray to angels for help or for blessing—almost like wishing on a star. Collectors in Angel Clubs amass “everything angel.” Some connected with New Age teachings conduct angel seminars to help people communicate with angels for “divine guidance” or to experience “angel therapy.” Unfortunately, angels can serve as an otherworldly focus to appear “spiritual” but not deal directly with the Lord.

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SOURCE: Crosswalk, Dawn Wilson