WATCH: Woman Carrying Her Baby Falls Into Uncovered Manhole While Talking on Her Phone in India

CCTV footage shows the mother and baby plummet down the open manhole in Faridabad, India

This is the moment a woman holding her nine-month-old baby plunged into an uncovered manhole while distracted by her mobile phone.

Luckily no one was injured and both were quickly rescued by bystanders in the dramatic accident in Faridabad, India.

CCTV footage shows the woman walking towards the manhole in the middle of a road with her nine-month-old in one arm, and a phone in her hand.

The dangerous opening is partially obscured by a tall advertising sign standing in front of it.

The mother, not noticing the manhole, steps round the sign as she brings the phone up to her ear to talk to someone.

One foot slides into the hole and she plummets out of sight, clutching her baby as they fall.

The footage then shows bystanders rushing over, and a group quickly forms around the opening.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Elmira Tanatarova