Resistance to Vaccine Mandates Grows Among Police Forces Across USA

As the number of COVID cases drops and more treatments become available, resistance towards President Biden’s vaccine mandate remains strong among government and private employees. Local police forces are seeing some substantial resistance.

Half of Chicago Police Unvaccinated

A court battle is currently underway between the city of Chicago, Illinois, and its police department since nearly half of its officers are still unvaccinated.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said on Thursday those who don’t get the shot will be placed on unpaid leave. The local police union is moving to dismiss the action.

John Catanzara, president of the FOP local in Chicago, said forcing people to get vaccinated is “absolutely wrong.”

“They were willing to go into a no-pay status at midnight tonight and get sent home,” Catanzara asserted. “You know, the reality is we have a profession nobody else wants to do right now. They cannot get anybody to go into this police academy.”

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Source: CBN