Elijah McClain’s Family Settles Lawsuit Against Aurora, Colorado, Over Fatal Police Confrontation

Elijah McClain / MARI NEWMAN

The attorneys for Sheneen McClain, Elijah McClain’s mother, announced the family reached a settlement with the city of Aurora, CBS Denver reports. Elijah McClain died after an altercation with Aurora police officers and Aurora fire paramedics in August of 2019.

McClain was walking home from a convenient store when someone called 911 saying they saw someone acting suspiciously. Police arrived and arrested McClain moments after talking with him. Paramedics injected him with ketamine in order to subdue him.

McClain repeatedly told officers he was on his way home and didn’t mean anyone harm. He was not armed.

McClain didn’t stop when officers told him to, later telling them he had his music on and couldn’t hear them. Officers claim McClain resisted arrest, and that he attempted to take one of their guns. Body camera footage does not capture evidence of McClain reaching for their guns.

McClain suffered a heart event on the way to the hospital and was taken off life support days later.

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