Youth for Christ’s Juvenile Justice Ministry Aims to Break Cycle of Incarceration

One youth ministry is working to help young people free themselves from a life of crime by giving them hope through the Gospel.

Youth for Christ (YFC) developed its Juvenile Justice Ministry as a way to build relationships with Americans under the age of 18 and break the recurring cycle of being placed in juvenile detention centers.

Juvenile Justice Ministry Director CJ Fisher said the teams strive to reach youth who are stuck in the system and feel hopeless.

“I think when we think about the justice system, we always think of the adult system,” Fisher stated. “We often miss out on the fact that we have kids that are going through the system because of their parents or communities. It’s a cycle … the parents are in the system, then the children, who then grow up to have kids that most likely will be in the system.”

Fisher added, “It’s really evident that there’s a huge need for YFC’s Juvenile Justice Ministry when you walk into a facility and you see a 10-year-old behind glass.”

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Source: CBN