America Is Warned That ‘We Will Lose the New Cold War With Communist China Within the Decade’ After China Launches Hypersonic Missile That Orbits the Earth at 3,800mph

America will lose a new Cold War arms race with China within a decade unless it takes a tougher stance with Beijing, a Republican congressman has warned after it was claimed the Chinese tested a new hypersonic nuclear-capable missile.

Mike Gallagher, a member of the armed services committee, blasted the Biden administration for ‘complacency’ and said America needs to ‘aggressively’ re-think its relations with China after security sources reported that Beijing launched a rocket that carried a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile into space in August.

While China was known to be working on the technology, the test took analysts by surprise and indicated Beijing’s missile programme is more advanced than previously thought. ‘We have no idea how they did this,’ one said.

However, Beijing played down the launch’s threat today, claiming it was a ‘routine test’ of new technology.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said the launch involved a spacecraft rather than a missile and was of ‘great significance for reducing the use-cost of spacecraft and could provide a convenient and affordable way to make a round trip for mankind’s peaceful use of space.

‘China will work together with other countries in the world for the peaceful use of space and the benefit of mankind.’

China’s space program is run by its military and is closely tied to its agenda of building hypersonic missiles and other technologies that could alter the balance of power with the United States.

Issuing a stark warning after news of the test became public at the weekend, Mr Gallagher said: ‘If we stick to our current complacent course… we will lose the New Cold War with Communist China within the decade.

‘The People’s Liberation Army now has an increasingly credible capability to undermine our missile defenses and threaten the American homeland with both conventional and nuclear strikes.’

Meanwhile, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, speaking after the launch of the new missile was revealed, said the alliance will reposition itself to tackle the growing threat from China – as well as its historic focus on Russia.

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Source: Daily Mail