Tennessee Fans Throw Trash, Bottles, and Golf Balls Onto Field After Chaotic Ending to Ole Miss Win

Lane Kiffin was ready for just about anything Saturday night in his first return to Neyland Stadium as a head coach.

But dodging an endless sea of bottles, both plastic and glass, along with an assortment of other projectiles, including a golf ball, in what was an ugly ending to Ole Miss‘ 31-26 victory over Tennessee wasn’t on his play sheet.

“It’s an emotional game and fans are emotional, but you never expect something like that, to see all that stuff come flying out of the stands,” Kiffin told ESPN. “I got hit with a golf ball, but at least whoever threw it was smart enough to throw a dirty range ball.”

With 54 seconds remaining, the game was delayed for around 20 minutes after officials on the field ruled that Tennessee tight end Jacob Warren was stopped just short of the first-down marker on a fourth-and-24 play in a questionable spot.

The call on the field was upheld by replay officials, and irate fans in both the lower and upper decks began showering the sideline and part of the field with debris and bottles, most of them filled with water and other substances. Several Ole Miss cheerleaders were hit.

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