Finding Community for the Introvert

When you struggle with Obsessive-compulsive Order (OCD) like I do, getting out of the house is like draping a “Welcome All Triggers and Anxiety Meltdowns” banner across my front door. With Contamination OCD amidst Covid’s constant, looming threats, getting near people is its own feat, so while pre-2020 Peyton loved visiting coffee shops with friends, meandering through bookstores, and finding an excuse to peruse historic downtowns, 2021 Peyton has morphed into quite the introvert.

Nonetheless, introverts, whether by nature or a means of pandemic-induced catastrophes, need community. We continue to need support, encouragement, accountability, and the reminder that someone else thinks we’re cool enough to be their friend. So how do we tap into those resources without completely draining ourselves?

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SOURCE: Crosswalk, Peyton Garland