There’s a Devil Loose: White Indiana Police Officer Seen on Bodycam Video Stomping on Black Man’s Face While He Was Cuffed and on the Ground Faces Criminal Charges and Potential Termination

A white Indiana cop, who was seen on bodycam videos stomping a black man’s face while he was handcuffed and on the ground, was charged with two felonies and suspended without pay.

The suspect – Jermaine Vaughn, 38 – was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct on September 24 but dismissed on October 8, according to court documents.

While lying on his back and being searched, Sgt. Eric Huxley – a 14-year-veteran of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department – stomps on Vaughn’s face and repeatedly says, ‘Stop. You’re done. You’re done.’

Vaughn appears to be in shock and his mouth bloodied. He was then rolled over onto his stomach and searched as his pants slid off. The video blurs his exposed backside.

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Source: Daily Mail