Seattle School Nixes ‘Pumpkin Parade’ Because It ‘Marginalizes Students of Color’

Fearful of offending the students who don’t celebrate the autumnal holiday, one elementary school in Seattle decided to can its annual “Pumpkin Parade” because the celebration “marginalizes students of color.”

After debating the issue for five years, administrators at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School took the advice of the school’s “racial equity team,” pulling the plug on the Halloween-themed parade, according to KTTH-FM, a local talk radio station.

The parade included a procession of elementary kids donning costumes.

“Historically, the Pumpkin Parade marginalizes students of color who do not celebrate the holiday,” a spokesperson told the station, referring to Halloween. “Specifically, these students have requested to be isolated on campus while the event took place.”

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Source: Faithwire