Lakewood Church Says It Did Not Seek Forgiveness for $4.4M PPP Loan

Lakewood Church, led by Televangelist Joel Osteen in Houston, Texas, recently rejected claims that leaders sought forgiveness for a $4.4 million loan granted to the church as part of the government’s Payment Protection Program, which offered financial assistance to small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement to The Christian Post on Monday, Lakewood leadership shared that employees and their families were grateful for the “temporary assistance” from the PPP loans “during such a time of need.”

“Like many organizations temporarily shuttered by the pandemic, this loan provided Lakewood Church short-term financial assistance in 2020, ensuring that its approximately 350 employees and their families would continue to receive a paycheck and full health care benefits,” the statement reads.

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines, Milton Quintanilla