Here We go and the Devil is a Lie: Camera Catches Florida Man Having Sex With a Horse

OCTOBER 12–Suspecting that someone had entered a barn on her property without permission, a Florida Woman set up a trail camera that subsequently recorded a laborer having repeated sexual contact with a horse housed in the structure, police report.

Homeowner Catherine Engel told police that last month she installed the trail camera inside the four-stall Vero Beach barn where her horses are kept after discovering ligature marks around one horse’s neck. She also recalled finding bungee cords and ropes around the neck of a miniature horse “even though she never placed any on it.”

The camera, cops say, captured Santiago Victoria, 57, entering the barn late at night and invading a stall occupied by a horse name Mariah. During three separate encounters, Victoria “gets behind the horse in a sexual manner,” according to an arrest affidavit.

The Indian River Sheriff’s Office affidavit provides a graphic account of Victoria’s alleged illicit conduct inside the barn.

Engel identified Victoria as the suspect, telling cops that he worked for a welding company that parks vehicles on the same property where the barn is situated.

When cops Friday confronted Victoria at his residence, he reportedly “admitted to having sexual intercourse with the horse,” but could not remember how many times. Investigators say Victoria also acknowledged that he did not have permission to be inside the barn.

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Source: Smoking Gun