Clarence L. Haynes Jr. on Can Satan Read Our Minds?

We all know that Satan is our adversary who seeks those who he may devour. I would say that in our spiritual battles sometimes we give Satan too much credit and often blame him or ascribe to him power and authority that he simply does not have. One of those areas deals with when we ask ourselves, can Satan read our minds? You will be happy to know the answer to this question is, no, he can’t, but saying it is not enough. We need to consider Scripture to understand this topic better.

What does Satan know about us?
In order to answer the question can Satan read our minds, we need to understand what Satan actually knows about us. When the Bible speaks about the mind it is often referring to the heart. They are often tied together and sometimes used interchangeably. A very famous proverb says this.

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he… – Proverbs 23:7

Since this is true here is what Satan knows about us. He knows our tendencies, our weaknesses, and our areas of temptation that we may be prone to. This type of information that he knows about us is not because Satan can read our minds, but because he is a master at studying our behavior. Satan can’t read what is in your mind, but he can see what you do and the choices and decisions you make. If he should attack you, he creates his plan of attack based on the areas of your life he has seen, by your behavior and choices, where you are most vulnerable.

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Source: Crosswalk