Child actor Matthew Mindler, 19, who starred in “Our Idiot Brother” alongside Paul Rudd and Emily Mortimer, killed himself with sodium nitrate – a chemical used to cure beef jerky

Matthew Mindler, 19, killed himself with sodium nitrate he bought on Amazon. Lancaster County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Mindler’s death to be suicide by sodium nitrate toxicity. Sodium nitrate-related deaths are often accidental since the compound is frequently used as a preservative. Mindler’s mom Monica said that based off his recent Internet search history the overdose was intentional. He was found dead on August 28 after he was reported missing three days earlier when he skipped classes. The child actor was last seen in security footage walking from the West Villages residence hall toward the Centennial Driver parking lot at around 8.11pm. For confidential support in the US – call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1-800-273-8255.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail