Father Is Suing Loudoun County After His 15-year-old Daughter Was Raped in So-called ‘Gender Fluid’ Girls’ Bathroom by a Skirt-wearing Male Student – Only for Police to Arrest Him After He Complained at a School Board Meeting; Daniel Whyte III Tells All Christian Parents to Stop Being Selfish and Get Your Children Out of These Hell-hole Schools Now. A Family Will Never Fully Overcome Their Daughter or Son Being Raped by a Male Dressed in a Skirt. Pray for This Family.

The furious parents of a 15-year-old high schooler are suing Loudon County in Virginia after their daughter was allegedly raped by a ‘skirt-wearing male student’ in a ‘gender fluid’ school bathroom.

Jess and Scott Smith allege that the district attempted to cover up the alleged assault. They claim that Superintendent Scott Ziegler alleged there was no record of the May 28 incident at Stonebridge High School in Leesburg, Virginia, despite Loudoun County Sheriff’s office conducting a two-month long investigation into the allegations.

On June 22, Scott Smith was filmed exploding with anger about the assault at a school board meeting, and was later convicted over the disturbance. He only revealed the alleged sex attack that had sparked his fury earlier this week.

The alleged attacker, who has not been named, but is also 15 years-old, is further accused of carrying out another attack at Broad Run High School in Loudoun County on October 6, and is now in custody. Ziegler claims he wasn’t aware of the attack at the time of the meeting that saw Scott Smith arrested.

The Smiths are suing under the provisions of Title IX of the United States’ federal civil rights law — which prohibits sex-based discrimination in educational institutions.

‘The sexual assault our daughter endured should never happen to any young girl, or any child, attending a public school,’ the Smiths said in a press release about the suit that was obtained by Fox News.

Their lawyer, Brian Stanley, said his firm intends to ‘protect the interests of their daughter at every turn’ and ‘will pursue federal Title IX actions against the local government and all officials who are responsible for allowing this harm’ to come to the girl.

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Source: Daily Mail