We at BCNN1 Believe It Is Sad That While the World Is Going to Pot and to Hell, Grown People Cannot Find Something Better to Do Than Try to Perfect a Dance which looks like a cross between Heil Hitler and a Michael Jackson Style Crotch Grab, but Anyway, Since Apparently the World Has Voted Christian Brother and Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin as the Winner of the “Omarian Challenge” in a Church Setting, We Thought We Would Share It With You. By the Way We Do Not Think He Won, We Think This Beautiful Young Lady Won, but Anyway Here Goes Nothing. Kirk Franklin, Congratulations on Your Performance but the Church Can Do Without the Michael Jackson Thrust at This Point. Instead of Doing the Michael Jackson Crotch Thrust You Can Have Someone Edit It and Have You Bring a Gold Cross Out of Your Red Coat and Have John 3:16 Come Up and Then the Sinner’s Prayer So That the Millions of People Who Watch This Can Come to Know Jesus Christ as Savior. Make This Count for the Glory of God. Kirk Franklin, Use your Crossover Appeal to Lead People to the Cross.