Now Harry and Meghan move into banking: Couple become ‘impact partners’ of $1.3billion ‘hippy’ investment firm Ethic after ‘being introduced by friends’ and say ‘when we invest in each other we change the world’

The Sussexes, who experts believe are well on the way to building a $1billion brand in the US, have been appointed ‘impact partners’ at Ethic, a New York-based fintech asset manager pumping money into companies with environmental and social goals. Their latest move into big business came after their deals with Netflix and Spotify and the couple announced their latest tie-up with a statement that said: ‘When we invest in each other we change the world’. In a joint interview with the New York Times, Meghan, a multi-millionaire former actress, said: ‘From the world I come from, you don’t talk about investing, right? You don’t have the luxury to invest. That sounds so fancy.’ She added: ‘My husband has been saying for years: “Gosh, don’t you wish there was a place where if your values were aligned like this, you could put your money to that same sort of thing?”,’ adding the couple were introduced to Ethic by friends. It is not yet known how much they have invested or if they are being paid.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail