WATCH: ‘It Wasn’t my Time’: Terrifying Moment State Trooper Narrowly Dodges an Out-of-control Pick-up Truck as he Helps Stranded Driver with a Blown Tire

Florida state trooper Dominic Alexandre said he only had a ‘split second’ to decide what he would do as he saw the silver pick-up coming towards him and the stranded car

This is the moment a state trooper narrowly avoided being mown down by a runaway pick-up truck as he went to the aid of a stranded driver.

Dramatic dashcam footage captured Dominic Alexandre, 23, leaping clear as the silver truck careered into an SUV which had blown a tire on I-95 in Palm Beach County.

The SUV’s driver also had to jump out of the way as the truck was sent careening towards them by a three-vehicle, chain-reaction crash on October 7.

The woman sustained minor injuries to her legs and Alexandre was unhurt.

Speaking afterwards Alexandre said: ‘You never know when it’s your time. Yesterday wasn’t my time.

He told toldĀ CBS12 News: ‘I was able to hear the screeching sound of the pick up truck and I glanced to my left and I had a split-second decision to make, my life or get hit.

‘So I ran to the right immediately as fast as I can.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Elmira Tanatarova