Veteran helps interpreter who rescued Biden when his Blackhawk made emergency landing in 2008 escape from Afghanistan after administration left him behind during the chaotic withdrawal

The Afghan interpreter who helped rescue Joe Biden from a remote valley in 2008 was finally able to get out of the country following the US troop withdrawal after being aided by US military vets from Arizona.

After high-profile pleas for assistance and a vow by the White House to get him out of the country, the interpreter, now identified as Aman Khalili, was able to escape the country via a land route to Pakistan.

After aborted efforts to leave the country by air out of Mazar-i-Sharif, Khalili and his family members made it out with assistance from a former Afghan interpreter to US troops, aided by US military veterans from Arizona.

The vets were the ‘main drivers’ of the group that got him out, the Wall Street Journal reported.

‘After 144 hours of driving day and night and getting through so many checkpoints my family was so scared, but right now this is a kind of heaven. Hell was in Afghanistan,’ he told the paper.

‘We will get you out, we will honor your service, and we’re committed to doing exactly that,’ White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said last month following reports he was unable to leave the country.

But the mission that finally succeeded after setbacks was headed by an Afghan-American who had himself operated as a linguist for ‘elite US forces,’ according to the Journal.

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Source: Daily Mail