There’s a devil loose: 16-Year-Old Girl is strangled from behind by a homeless woman while eating outside NYC sushi restaurant as violent crime in the Big Apple spirals out of control

Shocking security footage shows the moment a homeless woman accosted a 16-year-old girl and attempted to strangle her from behind outside a New York City sushi restaurant.

The October 4 incident saw a woman police say is Minerva Martinez, 36, march up behind the girl as she ate outside Watawa Sushi in Astoria, before clamping her arm around the youngster’s neck for a few seconds, then releasing it.

Martinez’s alleged victim, who hasn’t been named, was sitting with her back to the woman when the attack happened, and there’s no suggestion it was provoked.

The chilling incident comes amid a recent crime surge in The City That Never Sleeps, as Mayor Bill de Blasio attempts to lure workers and tourists back to the metropolis, despite a spike in crimes and terrifying footage of people being assaulted.

The girl was attacked four days before cancer nurse Maria Ambrocio, 58, from New Jersey was taken off life support on Saturday, the day after she was knocked over by a homeless mugger cops say was fleeing a crime. Her attacker has been named by cops as Jermaine Foster, 26, with foster now charged with murder.

Felony assaults – such as the one Martinez is accused of committing – are up 15.7 per cent over the last 28 days, NYPD data shows, with 1,949 recorded in the 28 days up to October 3, compared to 1,685 committed during the same period in 2020.

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Source: Daily Mail