The slow collapse of America continues: Walmart and Costco limit toilet paper sales while toy companies warn parents their kids’ Christmas gifts won’t arrive in time thanks to backlog at ports, rail yards and on the roads

The shortage is not down to a lack of goods – they exist, but backlogs at shipping yards and rail yards across the country combined with a lack of workers means the items aren’t being offloaded quickly enough and distributed across stores. Dozens of cargo ships are waiting to dock in California and further up the West Coast but they face month-long waits. Walmart and Target have started chartering expensive private ships to ferry their cargo to ports and try to circumvent the global supply issue before the holiday rush. Some toy company CEOs are telling parents to buy their kids’ Christmas gifts now to avoid disappointment. The cost of shipping is reaching exorbitant heights as a result of the kinks in the normally-functioning system. Last month, the median average cost of shipping a metal container from China to the West coast reached a record high of more than $20,000 and the cost of shipping from Europe to the North Coast of America also soared.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail