Southern Baptist pastor of Hilton Oaks Baptist Church in Ferndale, Michigan, David Jones, who has already been arrested 8 times for DUI, is jailed as police accuse him of trying to kill deputies with his car

A Ferndale pastor is in jail after police say he tried to kill two Arenac County sheriff’s deputies with his car.

The terrifying ordeal happened Wednesday just off of I-75 near the Alger exit.

The pastor’s name is David Jones, and according to the Hilton Oaks Baptist Church Facebook page, he gave sermons regularly at the church.

Court documents show Jones had a long history of drinking and driving, and his latest arrest was in August in Oakland County.

“If you turn your vehicle around and intentionally collide with a police vehicle, you are going to be charged with attempted murder on police,” Arena County Undersheriff Don McIntyre said.

Two deputies were called to the convenience store just off the exit when they found Jones sitting in his car.

Police say he was intoxicated and refused to cooperate and do anything the deputies asked.

Moments later, they say Jones took off across the highway, pulled into a parking lot and then eventually slammed his car into the back of the building.

“He struck their building, turned his vehicle towards deputies, accelerated, smashing our patrol car,” McIntyre added. “Luckily our deputies were not injured.”

Even after the crash, Jones refused to get out of his car. Police say they had to break the windows.

Jones apparently identified himself as a pastor to an attorney.

Court records show Jones has had eight drinking and driving offenses on his record. Police believe he was drunk in the Arenac County incident as well.

Jones is being held on a $1 million bond. We did reach out to the church and have not yet heard back.