‘God Is Still In the Miracle Business. He’s Still Answering Prayer’: Good Samaritan Describes Moment he Found Three-year-old Texas Boy Hungry and Dehydrated but ‘Unscathed’ In the Woods Three Days After he Went Missing–but Should his Parents be Arrested for Child Neglect

Texas Good Samaritan has shared how he found the three-year-old boy that had been missing in the woods for three days naked, but alive and ‘calm.’

The rescuer, who gave his name as Tim, also revealed that he was inspired to search after for Christopher Ramirez after members of a Bible study class prayed for a ‘miracle.’

Christopher Ramirez was feared kidnapped after he chased a puppy into a wooded area while his family was unloading groceries from their car on Wednesday. But he was found Saturday morning about six and a half miles from his home ‘tired,’ ‘hungry’ and ‘dehydrated,’ but in ‘overall good spirits,’ Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell told 6 ABC.

Over 200 search and rescue teams had searched through the woods to find him. ‘There had been a lot of people in this community praying for this little boy,’ the Good Samaritan who found him said. ‘Many had given up hope. The story is don’t give up hope.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, James Gordon and Brian Stieglitz