Christian Indian Boy Dies From Acid Attack (Whyte House Report 10.8.21)

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According to CBN News, A 16-year-old Christian boy from north India’s Bihar state has passed away following a brutal attack on Aug. 11 when unknown assailants threw acid on him. International Christian Concern reports that Nitish Kumar succumbed to his wounds on Sept. 26 – just 46 days after he was taken to the hospital. The boy was on his way to the market in Kamtanagar, located in the Gaya District, when the violent assault occurred. People on a motorbike came up behind him and poured acid all over him. Doctors determined that nearly 60 percent of Nitish’s skin was burned by the acid. His family and the Christian community believe he was attacked because of his Christian faith. A funeral was held for the boy last Sunday. So far, no arrests have been made. “This is very cruel of what happened to Nitish Kumar, it just terrified the Christian community in the region,” said the pastor. “There has been increased anti-Christian sentiment, and attacks against Christians in the district are increasing, and these attacks are becoming more brutal, just like what happened to Nitish Kumar.”

According to Mission Network News, Over the past two years, Turkey has expelled 75 Christian expats, many of them long-term residents. These Christians were told they constitute a national security threat. Turkey did not allow them lawyers or give them any due process. MNN spoke to a Great Commission worker with connections to Turkey. He says the Turkish government is using the 2016 coup attempt as an excuse to root out the opposition. The Great Commission worker says being banned is especially complicated for married expats. “Especially Turkish believers married to a foreigner. The foreigner will be accused of being, supposedly, a threat to national security. And then the family will face a difficult decision. Do they try to fight in court and stay because one of them is a citizen and the other one isn’t? Or do they move to the country of the other spouse?” The Turkish government associates Christianity with foreign governments and views them with suspicion. Churches often have to register as a legal entity rather than a religious one. Pray the Turkish church can grow and thrive despite this atmosphere of nationalism. The Great Commission worker says, “[Losing leaders] is both an opportunity and a challenge for Turkish leadership to develop and to grow and to be able to lead the Church. They need to continue to grow the church and disciple new followers of Christ themselves.”

According to Morning Star News, Fulani herdsmen killed a Christian at a worship service in Kaduna state, Nigeria on Sunday (Sept. 26), and 30 others were slain in attacks later that night, sources said. The herdsmen attacked the worship service of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Gavaciwa, Kachia County, killing one member of the congregation and wounding many others, area resident Mercy Musa said in a text message to Morning Star News. Neither Musa nor Kaduna state government spokesman Samuel Aruwan identified the slain Christian. In a press statement, Aruwan said some church members were seriously injured, that Kaduna state Gov. Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai expressed his condolences for the church and the family of the slain victim and that he “prayed for the repose of the soul of the worshipper.” “The governor, who expressed sadness over the incident, described it as an evil act targeting innocent citizens exercising their constitutional and universal rights to religious freedom,” Aruwan said. “The governor added that the attack on the worshippers was a divisive intent of the criminals leveraging religious sensitivity.” Muslim Fulani herdsmen that night killed 30 Christians and destroyed dozens of homes in two communities of Kaura County, Madamai and Abun villages, area resident Becky James said. She said by text message that herdsmen attacked at about midnight, and that her relatives were among those affected. Many houses were razed during the attack, she said. “Our hearts are filled with pains, fears, bitterness and disappointments,” James said. “The trauma, the macabre series of murders, the daily kidnappings, attacks on farmers and destruction of crops, the burning of houses, churches and humans alive, the mass burials are very disturbing. What we’ve got left is God and hope.”

According to Mission Network News, Heart4Iran partner Mark Morris says Afghan believers need your prayer. “There are Christians who made a very heart-wrenching choice a few weeks before the Taliban took control. These Christians said, ‘We want to register with the government. We don’t want to be known as Muslims’… and they were allowed to register,” Morris says. “The Taliban has all that (information). Those people are at great risk.” Through partners on the ground, Heart4Iran is helping Afghan Christians. A new $15,000 matching grant provides virtual Church access, trauma counseling, Bibles, and more. “There’s chaos [and] fear. There are a lot of door-to-door searches. We have heard reports about followers of Jesus who have been martyred for their faith,” Morris says. “For the most part, people are uncertain [about] what the future holds.” Plenty of rumors surround the status of Afghan Christians, but verifiable reports surface, too. Pray the Lord will strengthen and sustain His followers in Afghanistan. “We’ve heard rumors of a whole church being martyred, and we know that’s not true. But we don’t want to belittle any story that we hear; we want to investigate it,” Morris says. “We know specific [Afghan Christians] who have called. One sister in the Lord called and said, ‘the Taliban took my husband, and they decapitated him because of his faith.’ Another brother shares, ‘the Taliban has burned my Bibles.’ Those are the things that we can verify.”

According to Mission Network News, Years after he helped organize the 9/11 terror attacks, violence caught up to Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. His compound was raided by the U.S. military and he was killed. But earlier this year, Mission Cry partners went to Abbottabad for a very different reason: sharing the story of Jesus. They gave 2,000 Bibles to people living in 500 homes around the site of Bin Laden’s former compound. Jason Woolford says, “We have 100 Muslims outside of the compound who’ve given their life to the Lord Jesus. We had one woman that looked at the Bible (she had never seen a Bible in her life) and said, ‘I don’t know what God is in this book. But the one that I’m serving is false.’ And she ended up giving her life to the Lord.” Many of these people had never been able to own a Quran, so receiving a Bible was a special experience, Woolford says. Mission Cry partners also ministered along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Woolford says, “Some of the underground churches that are in that area don’t have the ability to have Bibles for their people, for our brothers and sisters. And so we’ve been able to encourage them and get them the Word of God while they’ve been having a home church or secret meetings. Especially near the borders, in Chaman and Quetta.”

According to Christian Headlines, On Saturday, hundreds of Christians gathered for a special event in Washington, D.C. to “rise up as one voice for the persecuted Church.” The event, titled March for the Martyrs, was hosted by Gia Chacon, the founder of the non-profit organization, For The Martyrs. Up to 1,000 Christians from across the U.S. gathered at the National Mall on Saturday for a kick-off rally, followed by a prayer march to the White House, and the evening event “Night for the Martyrs” held at the JW Marriott hotel. “I think now more than ever, it’s important that Christians across all denominations gather together as one unified voice,” Chacon said in a recent interview with The Christian Post. “It’s so important that we’re standing up now, as brothers and sisters in Christ in the United States, being a voice for our persecuted brothers and sisters.” Chacon explained that she wanted to hold the March of the Martyrs in Washington D.C. after seeing Open Doors USA’s findings of a 30 percent increase in Christian persecution last year. “We’re marching for the over 340 million Christians around the world who suffer for the name of Jesus,” she told attendees on Saturday. “We’re marching for the people who lay down their lives every single day to go to church, to own a Bible. To even say that they believe in Jesus, in some countries, is illegal.”

According to Mission Network News, Last week, experts said India could be approaching the “end-stage” of the pandemic. “We monitor the situation in India closely because we have so much work there. We’ve been really glad to see things opening up in the major metros as the COVID numbers are going down,” John Pudaite of Bibles For The World says. “Even in the Northeast region, we’ve seen it (the new infection rate) start to plateau, so we’re very encouraged about the situation there.” Nonetheless, significant challenges remain for local believers and Bibles For The World. “We’ve lost seminary professors, missionaries on the front line; hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders have been lost to COVID,” Pudaite says. “That’s been tough, and we know this is going to have long-term damaging effects. We see a leadership gap going forward.” Pray for believers in India as they find solutions for the leadership gap. “There’s a lot of rebuilding ahead. People are going to be put into positions prematurely because of the leadership void,” Pudaite says. Ask the Lord to heal Mawii Pudaite. “My mother, who is one of the co-founders of the ministry, tested positive for COVID,” Pudaite says. “She’s been more or less stranded [in India] due to COVID for almost two years. We finally made all the arrangements; an opportunity worked out [so] that she could fly back [to the U.S.]. She took her final tests and came back positive.” This development makes the pandemic’s challenges in India “very personal,” Pudaite says. “But we know that God is still in control, and so we put our faith in Him that this is going to work out.”

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