America and China Enter Dangerous Territory Over Taiwan: Former Assistant Secretary of State Danny Russel Says It Is ‘Starting a Fire.’ Daniel Whyte III Tells President Biden to Do Everything You Can to Avoid War With China, Russia, and Iran, Because God Is Not With You and God Is Not With America, and It’s Not Just Your Fault. It’s the Fault of the Church, the Family, and the Government, the Three Great Institutions That God Created and That We Have Corrupted and Defiled. Regarding the Government’s Fault in This, It Spans Over the Last Three Presidential Administrations, Starting With Obama’s, Then Trump’s, and Then Yours, Because All Three Administrations Have Sanctioned the Terminal Abomination and Sin of Homosexuality and Most of the Church, Yes, Even Conservative Evangelicals, Have Been in Collusion With All Three Administrations and Have Betrayed Christ and Taken the 30 Pieces of Silver as Judas Did.

The 25 Chinese fighter jets, bombers and other warplanes flew in menacing formations off the southern end of Taiwan, a show of military might on China’s National Day, Oct. 1. The incursions, dozens upon dozens, continued into the night and the days that followed and surged to the highest numbers ever on Monday, when 56 warplanes tested Taiwan’s beleaguered air defenses.

Taiwan’s jets scrambled to keep up, while the United States warned China that its “provocative military activity” undermined “regional peace and stability.” China did not cower. When a Taiwanese combat air traffic controller radioed one Chinese aircraft, the pilot dismissed the challenge with an obscenity involving the officer’s mother.

As such confrontations intensify, the balance of power around Taiwan is fundamentally shifting, pushing a decades-long impasse over its future into a dangerous new phase.

After holding out against unification demands from China’s communist rulers for more than 70 years, Taiwan is now at the heart of the deepening discord between China and the United States. The island’s fate has the potential to reshape the regional order and even to ignite a military conflagration — intentional or not.

“There’s very little insulation left on the wiring in the relationship,” Danny Russel, a former assistant secretary of state, said, “and it’s not hard to imagine getting some crossed wires and that starting a fire.”

China’s military might has, for the first time, made a conquest of Taiwan conceivable, perhaps even tempting. The United States wants to thwart any invasion but has watched its military dominance in Asia steadily erode. Taiwan’s own military preparedness has withered, even as its people become increasingly resistant to unification.

All three have sought to show resolve in hopes of averting war, only to provoke countermoves that compound distrust and increase the risk of miscalculation.

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Source: Dnyuz