Virginia man who blared monkey sounds and the N-word at his black neighbor every time she left her house is seen for first time, but police claim they cannot arrest him grabbed exclusive first pictures of John Eskilsden after he was flushed out of the safety of his house when three suspicious packages were delivered to his neighborhood. But still Eskilsden – who turns 48 next weekend – made no attempt to explain his seemingly racist behavior which has outraged his ethnically-mixed neighborhood in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Nor did his wife Marylou, 48. When asked the jewelry store clerk if she had anything to say about the heartbreak her husband’s actions had caused, she tersely replied ‘No,’ and got in her car and drove off. The case on Jessamine Court has caused nationwide uproar since Eskilsden’s neighbor, Navy veteran Jannique Martinez, appeared on Don Lemon’s CNN show last week and played video of the blaring lights and obscene chants coming from her neighbor’s home. But Eskilsden refused to answer reporters’ questions – or even come to the door of his 4-bedroom home – as he was pilloried online. Neighbors told they hardly ever see him. ‘The only time he ever seems to come out is when he puts out the trash on a Wednesday evening,’ said one.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail