America and China Enter Dangerous Territory Over Taiwan: Former Assistant Secretary of State Danny Russel Says It Is ‘Starting a Fire.’ Daniel Whyte III Tells President Biden to Do Everything You Can to Avoid War With China, Russia, and Iran, Because God Is Not With You and God Is Not With America, and It’s Not Just Your Fault. It’s the Fault of the Church, the Family, and the Government, the Three Great Institutions That God Created and That We Have Corrupted and Defiled. Regarding the Government’s Fault in This, It Spans Over the Last Three Presidential Administrations, Starting With Obama’s, Then Trump’s, and Then Yours, Because All Three Administrations Have Sanctioned the Terminal Abomination and Sin of Homosexuality and Most of the Church, Yes, Even Conservative Evangelicals, Have Been in Collusion With All Three Administrations and Have Betrayed Christ and Taken the 30 Pieces of Silver as Judas Did.

Here We Go: North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Faces Calls to Resign After He Was Caught on Video Calling Homosexual and Transgender People ‘Filth’ – Daniel Whyte III and BCNN1 Stand Behind the Lt. Gov., and the Truth of the Matter Is He Called the Abomination and the Sin Filth, Not the People, and He Made Clear That the Teaching of This to Our Children Is Child Abuse and It Should Not Be Taught in School Anywhere. So Go Ahead Lt. Gov. and Put Your Hat in the Ring for the Presidency of the United States. You May Be America’s Last Hope

The Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, Is Calling on Christians to Pray and Fast for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Catholic, to Experience a Change of Heart Regarding Abortion. Daniel Whyte III Tells the Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore Cordileone, That He and the Catholic Church Need to Leave President Biden Alone and Cordileone’s Church Member Nancy Pelosi Alone Regarding the Tragic Issue of Abortion. I Am Not a Democrat or a Republican. However, I Am More Conservative on Social and Moral Issues Than You Will Ever Be, and I Have Been Against Abortion for 41 Years. Until You, the Pope, the Priests, and the Nuns as Well, Honestly Deal With Your Homosexuality, Your Pedophilia, and Your Raping and Molesting of Children, Every Time You Open Your Mouth on This Abortion Issue Over Here, You Make Yourselves Look Comical and Hypocritical, Because the Truth of the Matter Is That the Abomination of Homosexuality Is Worse Than Abortion, Because That Abomination Does Not Even Let the Children Come at All. And Child Molestation and the Raping of Children Is Right Up There With It Because You Let the Children Get Born, Only to Rape Them and Molest Them. So With All Due Respect, Please Shut “the Hell” Up With This Hypocrisy and Foolishness.