Massive Purpleback Flying Squid ‘Larger Than a Human’ Is Seen Swimming Around a Shipwreck 2,800 Feet Below the Red Sea

OceanX, a team of marine biologists, media and filmmakers, embarked on a quest in 2020 to explore the depths of the Red Sea where they not only found a giant shipwreck, but a massive creature that appeared to be larger than a human.

While investigating the ‘Pella,’ which sank in November 2011, at a depth of 2,800 feet, the group spotted what they thought could be ‘The Giant Squid.’

‘I will never forget what happened next for as long as I live,’ said OceanX science program lead Mattie Rodrigue in a video taken of the discovery.

‘All of a sudden, as we’re looking at the bow of the shipwreck, this massive creature comes into view, takes a look at the ROV [remotely operated vehicle] and curls its entire body around the bow of the wreck.’

It was not until September 2021 did the team learn that the mysterious creature was ‘the giant form’ of the purpleback flying squid, which typically grow up to two feet long.

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Source: Daily Mail