Date Palm Sprouted from Ancient Seed Gives Fruit Like That of Bible Times

In the middle of Israel’s Arava Desert, a farming community is bringing trees back to life that’s bearing fruit from the time of the Bible.

A little, young-looking palm tree named Judith was planted on Kibbutz Ketura recently. And though she’s just nine-years-old, she carries an ancient heritage.

“We’re talking about the resurrection of 2000-year-old plus ancient date seeds that come from the Judean Desert and from Masada and which are part of a scientific experiment,” said Sarah Sallon, Director and Founder of The Natural Medicine Research Center at Hadassah Medical Organization, Jerusalem.

Growing in a greenhouse for the last nine years, Judith was recently transplanted in what Kibbutz Ketura calls the Ancient Judean Date Orchard. She’s the fifth such tree to be planted there after Methuselah, Adam, Jonah and Hannah.

“We are planting our second, female date tree, who was sprouted from an ancient seed. Actually, this one came from Qumran — was found in the caves — and much to our astonishment, she also sprouted,” said Elaine Solowey, the botanist who coaxed the seeds to grow.

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Source: CBN