Czech opposition seen snatching majority in election from PM Babis

PRAGUE, Oct 9 (Reuters) – Czech centre-right and liberal opposition groups appeared on track to win a parliamentary election on Saturday, ousting Prime Minister Andrej Babis’s ANO party and its allies, according to partial results and projections.

Babis is seeking a second term while battling criticism that he mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic, stoked fast-rising debt with handouts and tended to his own business interests in office. Babis denies all the accusations against him.

The two opposition groups were seen winning 104 seats in the 200-member lower house, claiming a combined majority despite a narrow election lead held by ANO, Czech Television calculations based on 89% of voting districts showed on Saturday.

The two-day election had ended at midday.

The coalitions refuse to work with Babis over what they say are his unacceptable conflicts of interest related to the business empire he created before entering politics.

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Source: Reuters