VOM Partners Produce Magazine for Iranian Women

The header photo shows pages from the magazine, including recipes and movie reviews. (Photo property of Mission Network News)In Iran, Muslim settings often ignore the thoughts, feeling, and ideas of women. Learn more about this issue here.

That’s why Omid Sabouki, a partner with The Voice of the Martyrs, operates a ministry that focuses on the value of women. He says many Iranian women have been brought up to think this way about themselves. “They don’t know they are valuable. That’s why they think, ‘I’m only a thing that men can buy,’ or something similar.”

Sabouki traces this kind of thinking back to the Quran itself, which focuses most of its teachings on the lives of men. Many communities believe women exist to bear children, and not much more than that.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray this magazine will bring the love and hope of Jesus to many Iranian women.