UNC Asheville Sorority Chapter Suspended Over Racism Allegations as Members Drop Out

Most members of a sorority at the University of North Carolina Asheville have dropped out after allegations of racism—and now, the chapter has been suspended by national headquarters until further notice. “Alpha Xi Delta takes all allegations of racism and antisemitism seriously,” a statement by Alpha Xi Delta National Headquarters said. “We do not tolerate racism or antisemitism of any kind, and we condemn all acts of bigotry, violence and hatred.” The backlash came after an Aug. 22 Facebook post on the profile of the Zeta Tau chapter of Alpha Xi that accused the sorority of being “a racist and anti-Semitic organization.” The post said the chapter was not a safe place for “people who are Black, Brown, Jewish or have any other religious affiliation other than white Christianity.” The anonymous person behind the post said that she and 16 of her sisters—women of color and allies—were leaving the chapter immediately.

The next day, another post explained that multiple members had been subject to harassment and discrimination. Members attempted to create a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, but it allegedly didn’t help. “This is not a sisterhood,” the Facebook post read. “This is not what we signed up for. This is not a safe space. This organization caused racial, religious, and so many other kinds of trauma. This is not acceptable by any means. We will no longer be silenced or diminished.” Reportedly, 25 of the 28 members have left the Zeta Tau chapter of Alpha Xi Delta.

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SOURCE: The Daily Beast – Brooke Leigh Howard