Russell Moore and Beth Moore Talk on the Russell Moore Show About How Painful and Disorienting It Can Be When the People in Your Inner Circle Seem to Turn Against You Among Other Things

Russell Moore and Beth Moore are often mistaken for siblings, spouses, or even parent and child in social media discussions. While they share no familial relation, Russell and Beth have shared similar joys and heartbreaks in their Christian lives. They both know the beauty of growing up in churches that loved them well. They’ve experienced the privileges and complexities of living as public faith leaders. And, more recently, they’ve both walked through the process of leaving the Southern Baptist Convention—a place they’d called home for decades.

In this episode, Russell and Beth talk about how both staying and leaving can be tremendously difficult and tremendously sweet. They share honestly about how painful and disorienting it can be when the people in your inner circles suddenly seem to turn against you. They discuss how their experiences may seem unique, but in many ways, they mirror relationship losses that Americans and people all around the globe have passed over the past several years. And they call their brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity, empowering one another to testify to the gospel.

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Source: Christianity Today